Shooting trees with long exposure

Three variations of trees. Trees captured with long shutter speed. I love to play with long shutter speeds. It can be really creative.


In the birchwood, what is behind the trees. Maybe a deer?


The sky is blue behind the trees.


This I wanted to be black and white, perhaps it appeals more to the imaginagion than in color.


The same tree in color. I used zoom effect with long shutter speed when I captured this tree.

Beautiful Tanum

Tanum is a beautiful place near by the ocean in Sweden. The coastline from southern Sweden to Oslo the capital of Norway is a coherent coastline with a beautiful nature and wildlife. Every easter we use to spend a few days at Tanum. To meet the spring near by the ocean, hear birds singing, smell the taste of sea. We have the beaches ourselves. It is not so many people visiting this area Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before easter. This days we can just listen to the waves, the birds, the wind. And our eyes can rest on something beautiful. We can walk several ours looking for shells and other beautiful little things. To walk like this by the sea is meditative. I feel my soul rest. It is like every “have to do”- things is far away. Stress is far away. It is the best occasion for me, walking on this beaches, looking for shells and other little things, hear the birds singing.

The video is a a meditative journey with pictures from Tanum strand and the music is Alfred Brendel, Mozart Piano conserto nr. 23 Andante. Welcome to enjoy!


On adventure with Alaska huskys

I am visiting my oldest daughter who has practice as a nurse in Kirkenes for the moment. Kirkenes is near Russia and Finland in north of Norway. It is very cold up here, and yesterday it was about -15 C when we started our adventure with eight young Alaskan Huskys and our guide Dennis. We selected Kirkenes snowhotel Husky experience. One because it is just 30 min from Kirkenes sentrum, and two because we had been there Thursday and looked at the dogs and the snowhotel. I had dreamed about it in whole my life to stay on a slide with several dogs running me up in the mountains. So yesterday the chance was there. We were choosing two ours run, but we get out nearly in two and a half our and a little bit more. We learned to handle the slide and the dogs, how we get the dogs to run and how we stopped the dogs. When we were on the fjord, we got to drive the sled, first my daughter and so did I. It was amazing, and it went fast. When we drove up the mountains it was Dennis our great guide that was driving the sled. He had to shout out where the dogs should run left, right, and so on. But the dogs are smart and follows the track, but it was several tracks, so they had to be told which track they should choose.

I recommend all that are visiting Kirkenes to do this adventure. Maybe you think it is too expensive, but I think that this people live of this job, they shell pay for the food to the dogs, veterinary, all the equipment that shell be tip top, and they shell earn enough to feed themselves. And seriously they give you an experience for life time! So we did it, and I want to do it again. It was really an amazing experience.


The start


On the fjord


My daughter driving




Me and Dennis


My daughter and me



Waiting for snowscooters to pass


Dennis and the dogs he love.


The boss of the dogs running



The name of the boss was Jokke 🙂



They were running fast


Into the forest


Into the mountains


He said “We are a team”


My daughter and the dogs


Some goodies for the dogs



It steamed from the mouth, because it was cold


Portrait, blue eyes, the boss!


My daughter, we got blackcurrant toddy, that was good.


Campfire pan


The dogs through the campfire


My daughter and Dennis


Portraits of the dogs




Another dogslide come running



Rest a little bit



The dogs love the winter





On the way back to the dogs home



The last picture from this great experience.

January 2018, six days in New York


Empire state building seen from top of the rock.

The main reason visiting New York was my wife Tone´s concert in Carnigie Hall, she is singing in a choir that was invited to sing with other choirs the music of Carl Jenkins. And it was a wonderful concert, you can take a look if you want:

The second reason was street photography, the urban landscape pictures, the big buildings, central park, all the people and the changing life in a so big town as New York.

Bilde_01_059 – Kopi

Time squere seen from Wellington hotel 22.floor

And New York has its own atmosphere, the New York atmosphere, I have never met something like this, neither in London, Paris, Rome or my own hometown Oslo.


Bilde_01_183 – Kopi

The lady, umbrella, taxi and Central park. Yellow is New Yorks color.

I think I never will forget New York. What was it that created this special atmosphere?



Brooklyn bridge a cold sunny january day.

It is the big, big buildings, that is everywhere, the architecture from some old buildings till the newest architecture in the world. I went up to 67th floor at Rockefeller center, its called top of the rock. Yes, it really was. If you visit New York I recommend that you visit it. It was overwhelming. The view is huge. And you look at a conglomerate of cubic buildings.


I wonder if it sways when the wind comes? It´s fascinating.


I think that was one of the thing, I liked, the big cubic architecture. It looked like the buildings stood tight together holding hands as a big, big cubic castle. That nobody can damage. The buildings protecting their inhabitants.



Manhatten seen from Hudson river

Oh, God may it could have been like that if it were not for the 11th September 2001.The day to flights fly into the twin towers. We went to Ground Zero, Memorial Museum. Ground Zero had once two towers, now it is two large pools with black marble sides.


The memorial after 11. september 2001

Every day one of the victims have birthday, one white rose is placed by their names.


It is so sad, very sad. Why can´t people live in peace?

With the mess of Carl Jenkins in mind, “the armed man, a mass of peace”, and the visit at Ground Zero memorial, brought the music and sorrow together for me. The mass of peace is a work against war and for peace. It does not matter who you are and where you come from, war is war and war make sorrow. And when I was at the place where the terror made the twin towers collapsed and saw all the names of the victims engraved into the stone, I felt the same feeling of sorrow as when I heard the mass of peace. It´s remarkable.

We also went to Brooklyn bridge, the famous bridge from a lot of films, but also famous because of the excellent construction. And it is old from 1875..


We lived near Central park, and if I not would walk in two hours to reach the bridge, I had to take the underground. The metro. I am always a little bit nervous for things that I haven´t done before, also for the metro. But I took the chance, and I did it! I found the R-train, it was the yellow line, from 57th street/ 7 avenue, and in 19 minutes I get off at City Hall station, and walked some few steps till Brooklyn bridge.


The metro in New York

With my Nikon 7100 in my right hand with my dearest lens Nikkor 18-200mm, I captured picture after picture of the famous bridge. And I felt so happy to be there. And I managed it alone, that make a good feeling and improved my confidence. I think anyone with a hint of fear should run with street photography.  You have to go out, if not, no pictures. You will of course handle a big town like New York, no problem! I did it!

One day I also walked the Hudson Riverside walk.  It goes from 34th street to 125th street. I walked it just to 71th street. It was green areas, and gays were running and cycling or they walked with their dogs. The view over Hudson river was great. After walking 71th street to Central park, I went back to the hotel and we went out for dinner.


The Hudson river walk


The Hudson river walk

Once we had arrived New York we got a guided tour in Central Park. That was very interesting. It was a guide with name Joseph, he was cycling around with visitors and told a lot about the history of the park and which famous people living in the houses around the park. We visited also John Lennons memory place. Their a man was sitting playing music from John Lennon. After the trip we went for our self in central park and saw a lot of squirrels. Very funny. They were tame, not afraid us. I took a lot of pictures of the squirrels.

Bilde_01_278 – Kopi

Squirrel in Central park

Bilde_01_189 – Kopi

Our guide in Central park

Bilde_01_194 – Kopi

Mood under one of the bridges in Central park

We went also for a gospel worship in Harlem. We visited The first Corinthian Baptist Church. It was a great experience. We were singing, shaking hands and wished all people who sat nearby good luck and happiness, then everyone hugged. The pastor spoke about how failure can be a new start. I was so touched. It was really great to be there.


At the gospel worship

One of the days we also walked the High Line. It is a line following an abandoned railway rail. It goes in the city. There is planting and art along the line.


View from the High Line


View from the High Line


View from the High Line, Empire state building


View from the High Line, art


View from the High Line


Art along the line


Walking at the High line


View from the High Line

We also went with a sightseeing boat. We went up to Brooklyn bridge, turned and went to the statue of Liberty. And then turned and went up Hudson river to 34th street. There we started to walk the High Line.

We visited on our six day stay: Carnigie Hall, Brooklyn bridge, Top of the Rock, High Line,  Ground Zero, Central park, City Hall park, Hudson riverside walk,  Sightseeng bout, The statue of Liberty.

And restaurants, also in China town: Congee Village restaurant. (Very good food)

I recommend you visit New York, we have in six days experienced only a fraction of the town. It is so much more, and so much more street photo subjects. I hope I will come back one day.



















The moments through street photography

I collected my best streetphotos in black and white from 2017 into a book. It´s quit different to get the photos printed than just watching them on digital media. This is book number one, and I hope it will become books in number two, three, and further on.

Take a look! (Amazon, printed)

The moments through streetphotography

As e-book, take a look! (Blurb, e-book)

The moments through streetphotography

Wonderful weekend in Trondheim

Friday afternoon I went on the train in Oslo and arter nearly 6 hours I arrived Trondheim. Trondheim is known as a student city, Norwegian university of technology is placed in Trondheim, also a lot of other university studies. We visit Trondheim just for a relaxing weekend. And we walked around looking at the beauty of the city and the landscape which the town arise.

Amazing tour with Nittedal Bygdekor to Bratislava

DSC_4287 – Kopi

Slovakia is a country in the central Europe. The capital is Bratislava, a growing town with about 450 000 residents. We lived at hotel Devin which was located near the old town and near to the river Donau. I think the location was excellent for walks into the old town and for walks along Donau. But it´s also a lot of traffic near the hotel. We had a room into the backyard and then it was quiet from the traffic.


The choir were singing in a restaurant on Friday afternoon. Saturday afternoon the choir attended a catholic mess in the central old town. It was amazing. Sunday we traveled to Cifer a little place in the countryside were the choir and a local choir were singing in the church. Amazing. After singing we was in a hall we got wine, food and friendship with the Slovakian people. We felt very welcome. They gave us a lot of wine and finger-food.  After the session in Cifer, we traveled on with bus to Madra, where we eat dinner. The choir were singing a lot of songs and the atmosphere was very festive.

Under is some pictures from Bratislava. Donau is the river that flows through Brattislava. We went up in the UFO-tower 95 m.o.h it was a fantastic view. It costed 7 Euro to go into it, but it was worth it. So if you are in Bratislava take a trip into the tower. It´s amazing.


I was just a companion in this choir, my better half sings in the choir. I´m so happy to be able to be a companion on happening like this.

I liked Slovakia, maybe we come back to see more of this country.