Workshop in street photography

Last Wednesday, I went to Copenhagen to join a workshop in street photography (Narrative photography) with the workshop holder @ValerieJardin. She has workshops all over the world. You can read more about her work here:

So, I went to Copenhagen and met a beautiful bunch of people who all had a passion for photography. It’s like coming home, it feels like I have known these people forever, but I have not. It was the first time I saw them.

On the first day, we went to a place with a market, an open area, and a lake. Here it was a lot of opportunities to exercise street photography.

The woman looks at vegetables in the market.
Man on the market

Be in the right mood.

When photographing people or nature, you must be in a particular mood. It is not good enough to shoot something you see. You have to have a vision of what you want to shoot. And that is what I mean by the right mood. Your intention is about being open-minded, looking after something that touches you, and then getting a vision of how you want to shoot the setting. So you have to be open to what you are feeling and listen to your heart when you see something that touches you. You have to use both your inner sone and your outer sone. You have to feel your environment. It’s all about seeing and being conscious of your surroundings.

At the museum

Look after opportunities to do silhouettes. In both pictures, I used the “fishing” method. When you are fishing, you are waiting. So I found the place where I wanted to stay. And then I waited for the subject. Finally, I saw how the light was coming in and the shadows for the best place. Was it possible to make a pleasing silhouette and a picture that told a story? I think these two pictures were the best silhouettes pictures from the museum.

The stair
This picture is also from the museum.

At the railway station

It can be fascinating going to photograph at a railway station. So we went to the oldest station in Copenhagen. The architecture of the building is ancient, and it creates several opportunities for pictures.

I photographed from a low level and tried to use the leading lines to make a strong picture. Then this girl was coming right towards me. I cropped it a little bit and straightened the picture.
The sleeping man

This was a very spontaneous picture. The train was about to start, and I thought I was finished photographing at the station, then I saw this man in the train window. And turned to him and just clicked the shutter. It happened very fast. It’s a level picture it is many things happen in the same image.

The family

It was such mirror glass in the middle of the lanes at the platform. I saw this family coming from the train towards me. I turned around and caught them in a reflection.

More pictures

It was an amazing workshop. I want to join more workshops with Valerie.

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