The moments through street photography

I collected my best streetphotos in black and white from 2017 into a book. It´s quit different to get the photos printed than just watching them on digital media. This is book number one, and I hope it will become books in number two, three, and further on.

Take a look! (Amazon, printed)

The moments through streetphotography

As e-book, take a look! (Blurb, e-book)

The moments through streetphotography

When NikonD7100 and 35mm are your tool

For some day I have used my new Nikkor 35mm. I like it very much. It is very different to use this lens instead of my 18-200mm zoom. I think the 35mm give me more the possibility to get portraits, and I have to be brave, because I have to go close up if I want to capture someone´s face. I have to think about how much of a situation I will get into the lens. How close have I to go? I think the lens is very good to portraits. Here is some portraits I have taken the last days.





Mother and child


The man and the birds


Why do I shoot streetphoto

Yesterday I was on a streetphotography course in Oslo.

The exercise was asking people if I could take a portrait photo. To ask people has something with our comfort-zone to do. I had butterfly in my stomach, but I had done this before and was prepared to do it again. I think this is about how much I dear to challenge myself. I have to ask myself why I am doing this. Why do I want to take pictures of strangers? I want to challenge myself, and I am feeling well when I have taken a picture I am pleased with. Maybe I have the same feeling walking out in the street with the camera than somebody have jumping in parachute. It is exciting and I think that I am documenting how people react and live today. I try to catch the atmosphere in the environment where I am. When I walk in the streets with my camera, try to catch something to capture, I feel free and living. I use all the senses, I am aware what I am feeling, and I react to capture the picture on reflection. That’s awesome.


Start with streetportraits

Today I took my first street portrait, it was exciting and I felt nervous. I saw a man, a beggar, coming near me with a cup and wanted money. I thought; now I have the opportunity to make a portrait. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get a picture of him. He said “No, no, more money”, I gave him the one money I had in my pocket and it was 20kr. Then he smiled, yelled at his wife, and I got my pictures of two lucky beggars that smiled to me. He looked very happy. 30kr. Is a great deal for a picture or two. I thought it was too much, but I smiled to him and his wife and said, “Thank you very much”. My heart was hammering in my breast, but I thought that I had gone one-step further.


After this meeting, I went into a kiosk and changed 100kr, into 10kr coins. After a while, I met another beggar, he was sitting on the sidewalk. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get some pictures of him. He said one more, I gave him 10kr more, and he stand up smiled to me and I got three pictures before he cut me off, but he cut me off on a polite manner took my hand and said “Thank you”, and I said “Thank you, very much”. I thought I had been very lucky today. And now I can move on with my street portraits.