Photo walks, Oslo, 3/9 to 12/9

This two weeks I have captured a lot of pictures, both street photography, but also nature in the town. It´s fantastic, it is good to walk for half an hour in the middle of the day, and it is fun to take all the pictures. I try to catch some moods. Capture the situation in the right moment, and that is very difficult. Sometimes I think I made it, but most of the pictures are garbage. Lightroom is an excellent program to organize and delete the images that are garbage. I think it also is difficult to choose the photo for this blog, and I have decided that only 3 to 8 pictures in every blog post. This time I split into three sections, one with street photography, one with street portraits, and one with urban nature.

Street photography

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like this picture because of the smile on her face. And the guest she is doing with her hand. I also smile when I look at this picture. The mood is happy.


I was fascinated by the two blue boxes with the graffiti in front of the cemetery when this old lady came walking straight into my frame. She didn´t mention me, and she was so concentrated to walk. I liked the mood that creates when she walked straight into the picture.


This tree gays sitting around the table and smiling seem to have a great afternoon together. They smile, and I feel happy when I look at them. It´s a picture that makes me happy. Maybe you also be happy when you look at this picture?



To ask unknown people for a portrait is very difficult. But sometimes I do it, then on impulse. This tree pictures under are portraits whom each of them is a real challenge. Well, the problem for me is to ask. But all of this tree persons were very nice and polite. So why am I afraid? And why do I not ask so often? It´s just to do it.


In the park, I met a girl and her dog. I asked if I could get a portrait and if she could carry her dog. And she did. I think it is a lovely portrait.


When I walked by this exciting exhibition with the bright lady, all the colors attract me. I just had to ask for a portrait, so I did it and got this picture.



This young man standing with all the wool nests around him looked very special for me. It was a scene that I do not see every day. And I had to ask for a portrait. I got two pictures, and I think this one was the best.

Nature and landscape in the town



Autumn leaves from a chest tree. I like to look at the beautiful trees around us, in Oslo, it is many beautiful trees, this one is a chest tree, and the leaves were blowing in the wind. And it was a fantastic pattern on the leaves.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oslo cathedral, with all the trees around. 

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