January 2018, six days in New York

The main reason visiting New York was my wife Tone´s concert in Carnigie Hall, she is singing in a choir that was invited to sing with other choirs the music of Carl Jenkins. And it was a wonderful concert, you can take a look if you want: https://www.facebook.com/DistinguishedConcertsInternationalNewYork/videos/10156017400251948/ The second reason was street photography, the … Continue reading January 2018, six days in New York

The moments through street photography

I collected my best streetphotos in black and white from 2017 into a book. It´s quit different to get the photos printed than just watching them on digital media. This is book number one, and I hope it will become books in number two, three, and further on. Take a look! (Amazon, printed) The moments … Continue reading The moments through street photography