Photo walks, Oslo, 19-31. August

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For the time I am inside a street photo bubble. It´s like the photo spirit has taken over my life. That is not true, I do a lot of other things also, but it is something with photography that draws me. Every lunchtime I have to grab my camera and get out on the streets. It´s challenging, to go out the door, but I know that after 30 minutes speed photoshoot I may come home with something I like. Maybe a picture that will mean something to me or other. The last week I have tried to catch the light and the guests. How to use the light to get a mood in the picture that will make the picture right? I have also used color more than I have done before. Not to lock oneself to one opportunity, feels right to me, but allow myself to play with both color, light, black and white and also let my self to take pictures not of only people, but maybe even other things that grab my attraction. Perhaps an installation can work in the foreground and people in the background? Or I can feel free to shoot nature. Nature in the urban landscape.


I saw this plant against the old wall, and I saw the pattern the light and shadows made. It was something between these elements, the plant, the wall, the light and the shadows that catch me. Because that the wall was white, and because of the pure plant and the pattern I thought the picture could create in black and white.

Fixed lens

It is also challenging to use only the 17mm, (34 mm on my camera). I have to work more, think more, I can´t zoom, I have to go near the subject or composite a picture with more elements than if I had used a zoom. But perhaps a fixed lens will do that the storytelling come more forward.

On the way home

Father and daughter together with shopping bags, from the grocery store. Maybe they come from work and school. I think this picture tells a story about father and daughter and what they do together on their way home. I like the mood between the persons. 


The woman caught my eye because of the bright light on her face. And maybe also her glasses. She is sitting concentrate with her phone, a book or a paper. I like how she is sitting and reading. 

The boy on the tram

I was waiting for the tram when I saw this boy inside the trams window. He was looking out of the window. I grabbed the camera that luckily was on, and clicked the shutter. At the right time, in the next moment, he had turned away. I think this is a picture that tells a story and makes a feeling. When I look at this picture, I am curious about what the boy was looking at, and what he thought when he looked out the window. I think it is something in this picture. 

I wonder…

The lady and the colorful wall caught my attraction in this picture. I think also this picture tells a story.

Wall art at Blå in Oslo
Wall art at Blå in Oslo
Enter a caption

After going back and forth studying how the light was falling on the fruits, I pleased myself before the fruit and had the view from my left side, hoping for a person to come in the sun. And it happened, this woman stopped a moment in the sun, and I clicked the shutter. I was very fortunate.

Sun, shadows, white and black, long hear shining in the sun.

The shadow of her step, the way she moves, her long hair shining in the sun. I had to take a picture.

Inside the café

Inside the window, a boy is sitting reading. The boy alone in the café draws me to take this picture.

Tomorrow is a new week with more everything photography and more street photography, and perhaps street portraits? Wait and see.



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