Water and leaves

This blog post is an honor to water. It´s autumn, and the flowers are gone, the snow has said hello, and it is dark in the afternoons when coming home from work. This pictures I created yesterday, my dogs and I went for a walk in the forest near we live. It starting to be afternoon, and the sky was grey, it was a little bit misty. In conditions like this, I love to have joy with the shutter speed for taking some stunning pictures of waterfalls. Also, the drops on the leaves are a challenge to get good pictures of, but I have to try, and maybe I am lucky. It´s about to hold the camera steady enough to get the drops sharp. I had not any tripod with me. The plants in the water also looked stunning to me. So I had to try to capture them. A little bit challenging when the ground is wet, and I had to lay down on my stomach holding the camera steady enough to take a sharp picture when my arms were leaning on the ground. So when I finished with the photo session, I also was wet. And then it started to rain. When I come home, I thought I had a good photo walk, and my dog was happy too.

One of our dogs, her name is Fanny.
Beautiful reflections in the water, a little tiny level of ice. 
Waterplant with a raindrop
Drops on leaves
Waterfall with long shutterspeed.

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