Start with streetportraits

Today I took my first street portrait, it was exciting and I felt nervous. I saw a man, a beggar, coming near me with a cup and wanted money. I thought; now I have the opportunity to make a portrait. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get a picture of him. He said “No, no, more money”, I gave him the one money I had in my pocket and it was 20kr. Then he smiled, yelled at his wife, and I got my pictures of two lucky beggars that smiled to me. He looked very happy. 30kr. Is a great deal for a picture or two. I thought it was too much, but I smiled to him and his wife and said, “Thank you very much”. My heart was hammering in my breast, but I thought that I had gone one-step further.


After this meeting, I went into a kiosk and changed 100kr, into 10kr coins. After a while, I met another beggar, he was sitting on the sidewalk. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get some pictures of him. He said one more, I gave him 10kr more, and he stand up smiled to me and I got three pictures before he cut me off, but he cut me off on a polite manner took my hand and said “Thank you”, and I said “Thank you, very much”. I thought I had been very lucky today. And now I can move on with my street portraits.


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