To be present using the camera

I love being in nature; it calms my thoughts, stress, and worries. And for me, it is mighty for my mental health. It is like meditation, but instead of closing my eyes, I have my eyes open looking around me and use my camera as a tool to anchor me up to here and now.

This picture was taken some minutes before the next picture.

I look for something to photograph, and at the same time, I study the light because the light shifts all the time, especially when you sit by a lake or are in the mountains.

The light is shifting, the sunset is clearer.

I experience a state of moments where I am fully present here and now. It is in these moments that life happens. Not when I am in my thoughts worrying about something.

The golden hour, here the light is incredible.

Mindful photography is a state of moments fully present, and the camera is the tool.
So, using the camera as a tool to anchor yourself here and now is nearly the same as mindfulness meditation.

The difference is that with mindful photography, you are focusing on the present through your eye and the camera lens. And you are watching after things to capture. You are doing something active. In mindfulness, you are sitting still, focusing on your breathing and how thoughts are coming and going.

It is interesting to exercise how the camera can be a tool in the present moment to make you feel that you live here and now.

Eli Brager
Eli Brager

I am a gestalt therapist and photographer living in Oslo, Norway. I am the business owner of Brager Gestaltterapi and Foto, and also the owner of the net-based photo club “Se utover”.
My dream is to combine photography and gestalt therapy. I believe photography can be a tool for people struggling with mental health problems.

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