Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road

Now we have been in Melbourne for four days. The tram system in Melbourn is unique. We bought a tram pass and could travel everywhere.

The tram system was unique. And it was also fabulous street musicians.

If you are in Melbourn, take a boat with a guide on the Yarra river. Then you will see and understand more of the history. On the first day, we walked into the city and watched the town from a guided boat in the Yarra river. The buildings are tall and new. With a modern design. A lot of glass.

New and old buildings together. From Yarra river.

It is not just modern buildings in this town, it is also old buildings, but they tend to disappear among all the high towers.

One of the days, we visited the Royal botanic garden. That was a fantastic experience. It was beautiful flowers, water lily, turtles, big trees, and birds. I loved to walk between all this. Be aware of natures sounds also in a big garden.

Me sitting in the botanical garden.
Me capture a beautiful flowertree. (I don’t know the name of this tree)

Yesterday we had a fantastic day. We joined a trip with “Get your guide” to Great Ocean Road and the twelve apostles. We had several stops on the way. One of these stops was in the rainforest. It was a little bit up from the coast in Great Otway National Park. We had to beware of snakes, but I jumped into it and saw no snakes. It was a beautiful forest with a lot of green plants and big trees. We learned about how new life grew up from dying trees. One dying tree give life to several other trees and plants. That’s fabulous!

From the rainforest. New life from dying trees.
Captured from the Twelve Apostles.

Today we are traveling to a place called Warrnambool by train and bus. I don’t want to drive because it is left-side driving. In Europe, we operate on the right side of the road. And if I had driven a car I couldn’t sit here writing this. So I wonder, maybe travelling people without cars are more relaxed? I feel so just now.

Lighthouse in Warrnambool.

If you will look at more pictures from our trip to Australia, you can find more photos on Flickr/EliBrager

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