It´s about light

This morning I had an early photo session in Oslo Sentrum. It had just stopped raining, and the sky seemed to appear. I looked for the light when I photographed. And I got this picture of a woman walking, looking as if she enjoyed the November light in her eyes. She also got sunglasses. This picture gave me the right mood. I thought it wouldn’t be a picture this rainy day, but the light came, the walking woman, and the blue sky that appeared, all together this made my photosession complete.

Light is everything

Without light in your pictures, your pictures will be completely dark. Like without light in our lives, our lives will be dark. Light is everything we need to survive. And taking pictures is to catch the light. You have to look after light, not only the motive but how the light makes your motive shine. How will the light reach your subject? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

Urban landscape from Oslo seaside. Called Aker Brygge. Here it is a lot of light, which makes the sky, the water, and the buildings. The picture had been totally different if it had been taken when it was totally overcast, or in the evening. This is the low morning sun reaching the buildings.

So, let the light shine in your life, and in your pictures!

Eli Brager
Eli Brager

I am a gestalt therapist and photographer living in Oslo, Norway. I am the business owner of Brager Gestaltterapi and Foto, and also the owner of the net-based photo club “Se utover”.
My dream is to combine photography and gestalt therapy. I believe photography can be a tool for people struggling with mental health problems.

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