Beautiful Venice

For the third time together we have spent five days in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Venice. Not is it just beautiful, but it’s also a historical cultural city.

View to  Piazza San Marco

We were at the Galleria Accademia and looked at pictures painted in the 15 century of painters like Vittore Carpaccio ( He had painted the history about Ursula and Euthensius. An exciting history about love and death.

We have experienced the dawn at the Zattere Dosoduro by the church Alla Salute.

The morningsun by Alla Salute.

We have walked in every part of the town, and learned to know the boatline systems. It’s a lot of restaurants and cafes around, and a lot of them have very good Italian food. For a cup of coffee and longdrinks our favourite is Gino bar and restaurant at Dorsoduro.

Reflection in the water.

The Carnival parade was a big happening and experience at the Canareggio canal. A lot of happy people, good music and all singing together ”Amore”. I will never forget it. We also experienced the photographic exhibition of Ferdinando Scianna. Black and white photos mostly from Cecilia. Very good pictures.

Acrobatic and love in the air. From the carneval.

We have also lived very well at the hotel Accademia at Campiello de le Maravege. An excellent hotel with very nice interiour and people. If we are going back to Venice, I think we will book this hotel once more.

We are so satisfied with this hotel.

It’s not enough to just hear about Venice or read about or look at it on the television. You have to visit it yourself, live some days near the water, the Venetian people, the sounds from a living city and how it smells. Drink the beauty of this city with all your senses. Then you have really experienced Venice.

Gondols by the Rialto bridge.

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