The coastal trail in the Oslofjord

View to Moss

Walking a little bit of the coastal trail

Today my wife and I walked 12km in the beautiful cost landscape by the sea. The route we walked is called the coastal trail in the area of Rygge.

Coastal track, ferry
The ferry between Moss and Horten, seen from Festestranda.

We started near Moss city at a place called Feste, and walked to Fuglevika and then to Rompa. It was a beautiful track. Sometimes we walked on small roads, and sometimes in the forest, and sometimes on the beaches. But near the sea, it also is a lot of rocks suitable for sitting and eating packed lunches. So we did.


It was a beautiful day

Here are some pictures from the trip.

And the sun was shining, and the sea was blue, people were outside, and thought of Corona was far, far away. But if we met someone, then we couldn´t stop talking, only if we stood minimum a meeter from each other. But the dogs could stop sniffing on each other. Well, it is a crazy time, this Corona times. But what shall we do? I think it was perfect for us, get outside our house and jump into nature by the sea. To see, hear and smell something else than our home, even though we love our home.

Want to read more about the coastal trail?

You can read more about the coastal track on this site:



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