Hammerfest and the autumn color.

This weekend I have been in Hammerfest in Finnmark north in Norway. It´s a lot of beautiful nature around the place. As I did for two years ago, I flew to Alta from Oslo. It´s about two hours trip. I rent a car in Alta and drive two hours to Hammerfest. Well, this time I had a lot of time to stop photographing. The landscape is so beautiful and different from the area around Oslo. Finnmark is mountains, ocean, fjord, colors, now yellow and orange in the autumn, it is Raindeer walking in the streets, it is a lot of weather. It is raining, snowing, blowing, and the sun shining all at nearly the same time. You can stand in one place in a quarter, and I am sure you will experience all the weather conditions. That´s a little bit crazy. The temperature has been around 4 Celsius, and it is snow on the top of the mountains.

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