Captured moments in Italy

Ten days in Italy gave me the opportunity to do street photography as I walked the street in Rome, Terracina, and Venice with my wife and two children, 15 and 17 years old. It´s good that they have patience with me. It´s a must for me to photograph also other subjects than selfies, wife, and children. I will feel ill if I not could have the chance to go street photographing when we are visiting another country or just are in our hometown Oslo. So thank´s a lot to my dear family who is very patient with me.

I am going to tell a little bit of the subjects that caught my attention.



In Rome at the tourist place of Colosseum, this two ladies caught my attention. They were sitting close to each other, and it seemed that they had a great time together.


In this picture, I chose to focus on all the things with great colors. It was the colors that draw my attention. I think that this framing works for this image. It not necessary to see the face of the man, it´s enough with all the things with all the colors.


We lived in the old town of Terracina, and we had a beautiful view over the old town till the ocean. Bilde_06_764

It was very beautiful, but there were also houses that looked a little bit sad.

Bilde_06_752This facade with this window with the white curtains seemed a little bit sad to me. I never got a picture of the old woman living in this house, but I saw her on her terrace styling her old Italian flag. Maybe she was a little bit lonesome and maybe she thought about her earlier life when the life was different for her than now. Bilde_06_774

The boy placed before the store to take care of the dog. I was also waiting outside the store, and the best thing to do in waiting times is to get a street photography. I don´t like stores with clothes, so if I can I always want to be on the outside waiting with my camera.


Here is a picture of the beach with all the sunbeds and parasols, and two pair of legs.


Venice is the place that goes into my memory and stays there. The beautiful, special, colorful, tourist full, cultural, musicians town, with streets of water, just boats not a car. It´s different from all other towns. Here are some of my street photographs from Venice.


The man and the dog. Some pictures just are black and white, and this is one, but in Venice, the colors are so great, so to shoot in color is a must.


A Venetian worker, to transport goods in the boat is a usual way to bring the goods.


Another window, maybe a lady living there who likes flowers.


Land surveyor at work.


One of the gondoliers.


It was a lot of people when the bride and her husband come, so I didn´t get a good picture at first. Turning around when they past, I was lucky and got this image. I think the frame is good. Beautiful picture I think.



I looked into a window and saw this little girl sitting in the chair, with a hat in front of her. All the things around her and the types of furniture making a special mood. I think this is one of my best images. It´s all about to see and capture in the right moment.


A lot of tourists take selfies. The smile on her face caught my attention, and I think I got an evocative picture.


My wife saw this picture and nocked me on the shoulder and pointed out the motive. I am so thankful to her that she saw it. The man sitting for himself, thinking, resting. Out from the crowd of people. I think also this picture is special and evocative.


The painter and his atelier.


The gondolier.





Beautiful eavning, people is fishing, st. Marks squere in the background.


This is a usual look, the laundry is hanging outside the houses in the air.

Thank you, Italy for a nice stay. We will meet again someday, with more street photography.

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