Olympus Pen F, my new equipment

I have got a new equipment an Olympus PEN F, and it is wonderful when I can capture pictures like this. Well, I also could have done this with my Nikon of course. I know that the equipment does not matter, but it is a little bit fun and boosts the photography experience with a new toy.

Sunset, Olympus PEN F

“What have I done ?” I thought I have a good camera in Nikon D7100, but it clicked in my head when I saw the Olympus PEN F, and I wanted a camera that weightless. So I think the first good picture with a mirrorless camera give me the right feeling, that it was smart to buy it.

The Swan
The Swan

I think I will love this camera.


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  1. Congrats on your new gear! It’s always nice when you can produce something you’re happy with when you get something new. Way better than buying something and realizing you don’t like it very much! haha

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