Hooked on streetphotography

I have really get hooked on streetphotography, it’s so exciting to go outside, be an observer, and shoot with my camera when something happens in front of my eyes.

Last day I was walking out in my lunchtime and went to Grønland a province in Oslo. It is a place with people from the whole world. It is people from different cultures and religions living together. I am not brave to get close to people, so I need to exercise to get close up photos. Well, here is some pictures from my lunch walk.


When I should walk home after my work I went out the door, and it is a bus stop nearby. Then I hadn´t thought of taking photos, but there the situation was. A dog was sitting on a post at the bus stop. I grip my IPhone and get this shot. It was really cool. Therefor the lesson is, always have your camera ready.



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