Krakow a beautiful city

I traveled to Krakow last weekend. A tourist machine now in July. Bu t my wife was there for business a whole week, and I came the two previous days of her conference. So we could explore Krakow together. Krakow is one of Poland biggest cities, and the river Wisla, which is the longest in Poland, runs through Krakow. We hired bikes and Saturday we biked 5 km along Wisla. It was a stunning landscape.
Krakow has many churches, and castles, the biggest and one of the oldest is Wachlav castle which lays in the town near the river Wisla. You can go to the Castle and get a beautiful view of the river and the city.

View from Waclav castle
Siluett in the sunset, from Wachlav castle
The horses can also be tired on a warm busy day.

Gallery of my 60 best photos from Krakow.

Streetphotography and cityscape photos, it´s so much to see when you travel to a city you don´t know. Then my awareness for whats happen around me are on the top. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and maybe you also want to go to Krakow.

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