Summer in Snillfjord

A little bit rainy and cold, but beautiful landscape.

It has been a little while since I last wrote, but now I have been on a new trip. This time in Norway where I live. Well, I live nearby Oslo, and we went this time to Orkanger and Snillfjord in Trøndelag. With our El-car, it is a long trip because we had to stop several times to charge. But that is ok, then we take the dogs out for a trip and we sit down and eat some food. Or just drink a cup of coffee.

The weather in Norway is not always good, and we got experiencing it now. It was sun until Dovre, and after it was rain and cold weather. But nature was beautiful as well.

It´s a lot of cultural landscape in Norway, here is old agriculture mixed with the newer agriculture. View from Meldal municipality.
Beautiful flowers. Some years ago these flowers where usual many places in Norway, but now it is just a few of them. It has been popular to plant “slotteeng” in gardens and also in towns in the hope of saving these beautiful flowers.
Flower in the mountain.
For several years now people are moving from the districts for work in the towns, and several old houses like this are standing alone back in the districts.
Modern agriculture, white bags with grass are very usual.
In Trøndelag there is a lot of cows.
View from our hike in the mountains
Raindrops on the straw
A young Deer curious about the photographer


Here is some of the pictures from the trip.

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  1. Love your photographs – makes me feel that I can imagine what it would be like to be there.

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