Weil am Rhein 5 km hiking route

Hiking from Riehen to Vitra Campus

We have had a fantastic trip to Basel in Switzerland. Yesterday we went on an excursion I can recommend for every visitor to Basel. From Basel town, we went on tram number 6 and took this line to its end where we started our hike to Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. The hike is going through two countries, it starts in Switzerland and ends in Germany.

We started in Riehen
And ended the trip by the museum Vitra Campus.

It was a lovely place with red poppies thriving in the fields.
Rich cultural landscape, green grape veneer on every site of the trail we were walking. The sun was shining from a blue sky, and it couldn´t be better, the hiking route where 5 km, in natural going terrain.

The route is an easy hike also for children. And it is a lot of fun artworks along the way. Artworks that you can listen to sounds the artwork is making when you touch it, or you have to use your imagination to understand what the art will tell. Art and nature hand in hand, so if you are a lover of nature married with a lover of art, then you both will love this trip.

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