The beautiful view from Kvarven

View from Karven

Yesterday we decided to go hiking in the mountains, and we thought that we wanted to reach the top of Kvarven. It´s a mountain 609 meters over the sea. It´s about 5,5 km to walk from Hestnakkan where we live this holiday. We started but found that we had taken a wrong way. But that was lucky for we got one litre of cloudberries.

The author with the Cloudberry

It´s the forest gold we call it.

We adjusted our direction and after a while, we found the path.

The path
The path to the top.
The path
The path to the top a little bit further.

Then we went 2,5 km to the top of Kvarven. It was amazing. The weather was marvellous, couldn´t be better, and the view was magnificent.


View from the top
View, the mountains farest away is Lofoten.
People and nature, the human seems small in contrast to the landscape.
The dog we met “Bamse”
Mountain view and mountain birch
The cairn on the top
Mountain birch
Me, on the top

We ate the rest of our lunch box, drank the rest of the water and started the trip down. Now we went down to Alsos.

The nice lady

It had been a little longer trip for us than we were used to, and we were exhausted. We went to the camping nearby and asked if we could take a taxi to Os, but it was not any taxi, but a lovely lady that said she could drive us. We were so happy.


When we come to our car, we drove to Tårnvika and ate dinner. It was really good.

Late in the evening we came to Hestnakkan, it had been a marvellous day. The top of the mountain had given us the worlds most beautiful view. It couldn´t have been better.

The top Karven in midnightsun light from where we live this holiday.

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