Elephant seals

On highway 1 from San Simeon to Big Sur it is a viewpoint where you can look for elephant seals. We stopped and guess what we saw, exactly elephant seals. It was a lot of them. It looked like they were dead, but they were sleeping, sometimes they stretched and scratched their stomach.
It was fascinating studying these big animals for a while. The road where the cars drive past fast was very near to the seal colony. But the animals didn´t matter, I think they were used to it.
We, the animals and the human being are inhabitants on the same planet, the same world, I hope that we will understand more of our importance of each other now and in the future. It is a beautiful world when we can take care of each other and other inhabitants in this world.

Elephant seals on the beach with the road just above.
An Elephant seal in the water.
Good friends, sleeping together.
Sleeping in the sun
I have to scratch a little 🙂

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