As a photographer you are your own IT boss

What are you doing with your pictures? Is your camera or phone the only disk where you save all your pictures? How do you organize your pictures? If you don´t organize your picture how can you find the best picture of uncle Tom from 2017 in five years? As a photographer, you also need to know about cloud services, hard disks, software and hardware, WIFI, and how to handle all this IT- stuff. I have written some words about how I handle all this stuff.

The cloud services I use for backing up my pictures

Some days ago my old PC crashed, it was damaged by an accident, but it had also been a little bit slow the last year. Like many others I use to install a lot of programs, pictures, music and a lot of other things. That´s not necessary today. This year I also bought a new iPhone, and the iPhone is a small PC. I use a wireless WIFI connection from my DSLR and transmit the pictures to my iPhone. I learned how I could save pictures to iCloud and I have used it every day, automatically all pictures I take I save in iCloud and in “min sky” at Telenor.

Backing up to an external disk

But, if something happens? What if the internet should stop working some day? Or Apple not want to have a Cloud  Service. Therefor I also want my pictures saved on the old way, on an extern disk.


And I want to use Lightroom, because I can then organize my pictures like I want. With LR I can rename the files to better name than those from the camera. And I can put on keywords, to simplify finding the right picture I want. I can also flag and rate the pictures. It is a very useful tool when I later want to find the pictures. LR and pictures on an extern disk give me the full control. I can also make collections for example “summer 2017” and put all pictures from the summer 2017 into that collection. Smart.

My point writing this is; don´t let your pictures be in the cloud or on your phone, download the picture, use for example Light Room organizing the pictures, and you can make what you want for example a book about the summer. It´s fun to be your own IT boss. It is educational. So take a deep breath and jump into it.


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