Aurora Borealis at Aunfjellet

Last night we drove to Aunfjellet by Harstad, to maybe see the northern lights. There was a light cloud cover, so the northern lights didn’t show up properly, but what we saw was incredibly beautiful. We were also surprised by the red colours. The photos were taken with the iPhone 13 pro, and the stand was either the car roof, bonnet or car door. Tried to keep as calm as possible. Next time I go to Harstad, I will bring a tripod.

My daughter looking at the northern light.

It’s a magical experience standing in the mountains looking at the northern light.

Travel Suggestion

If you are going to Norway looking for the northern light, I highly recommend Harstad. You can rent a car at Evenes airport, then you can also use an app called Northern Light Forecast or just Aurora. You can also take contact with local people who can help you finding the right place.

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