Gratitude to life

Every day I go for a morning walk with my dogs. I did that today, too. Then I saw these little daisies peeking through a hedge, and now in the middle of September.

They smiled at me when I came walking towards them.
I couldn’t help but take out my mobile phone and take some pictures of them. It is as if the flowers were speaking to me, just as if they were saying, “perpetuate us,” “Give us eternal life.”

That’s what we do when we photograph. We give what we photograph an “eternal life.” It will be like a good deed. Both for the person/s we take a picture of and ourselves because we collect good moments that way.

For me, photography is about showing gratitude for what gives me something. Appreciation for the life that surrounds us. Gratitude to people, animals, birds, flowers, plants, trees, and everything that has life in it. I know that is good.

By photographing, we can therefore increase our appreciation for life.
Increasing gratitude for life can make us more appreciative of the life we ​​have been given, and not only our own life but also the lives of others. And not just human life but all living life.

We are part of all life. Regardless of belief and opinion, by photographing, we can exercise gratitude to creation, whether we call it God or whether we call it Mother Earth, or simply nature.

In any case, we are here, and our gratitude for everything that lives can make us more committed to caring for what is around us, of life, of nature.

We may want to give something back.
What do you want to give back to nature? I want to give back humility and an understanding that I am part of nature, not someone who only consumes the spirit of the world.

We can get a desire to do something for the world of which we are a part.
By feeling this gratitude, we can also develop a desire to do something for what we are grateful for, and then we can ask ourselves these questions:

How can I help myself?

How can I help you?

How can I help the whole world?

We will feel better by asking ourselves these questions and making ourselves available. Then we both take care of ourselves and the life around us.

You can therefore develop this with the help of photography
Think, it’s lovely that taking photographs can develop your gratitude and yourself into a better person!

I hope these were motivating words and that you got even more eager to go out and photograph the pure joy of life.

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