Trondheim May 2022


I’m in Trondheim, have gone for a long walk alone while my better half is singing. It’s nice to walk around like that, alone with my camera. Look, see and compose photos. This time the theme was urban nature. And here in Trondheim, there is really a lot of urban nature to capture. There are motives almost everywhere.

Take it easy, look and see again

I’m pretty alert when I walk around like that. So I take it easy while I pay attention. When I started walking, I did not really know what I should capture, but it came eventually. And it became urban landscapes and urban nature. Shadows and light. Look for trees and flowers that work with the houses and streets. Maybe catch a human walking across a street, or behind some flowers.

To capture what gives life to a city

I’m just hunting for life. Everything that makes life in a city.

And what makes life in a city for me is first and foremost the people, then the houses, the traffic, the flowers, the trees, the dogs, the cats, yes everything that lives!

Pictures from Trondheim

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