Saturday in Oslo – a look on life

I walked in the streets of Oslo today. The spring is here. There were many people outside, and it was a great time to do street photography.
Street photography is about being in the moment and being aware of what is happening around you. And it can be new things every moment. But, of course, we can’t shoot everything, so it has to be a choice if you want to take a picture. But remember that the moment can be away before you decide to lift your camera. Sometimes it is just a reflection, I see it, and my hands and camera come up nearly automatically to respond to what I have seen.
I captured this man reading his newspaper with a coffee cup in the sun with nearly an automatic reflex moving from me.

Reading newspaper man

This man was a street singer, so I had more time to frame the picture.

Street musician

These two children did I not see at all. I focused on the girl and the dog. It was first when I came home I saw these two boys.

Waiting on someone

I think the light on the church wall and the couple’s silhouette were so beautiful. Silhouettes, with a background with pattern, can be an incredible scene.

Silhouettes couple

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