Everything photographer

Are you an all-about photographer? It´s nothing wrong with that.

I think I am an all-about photographer, not a specialist in one changer, but in everything, I can picture. And I ask myself what is my voice in my images? When I take so many different shots. Is there a common denominator?

May be a standard strength, something that just is me. It´s about what I see, what feelings I get inside me when I see it, and how I decided to compose the picture so it can be an image with a story.

I take my camera with me everywhere.

I like the morning light, so when I have work in our town, I take my camera and do urban landscape and street photography early in the morning.

When I am home, I take our two dogs with me on walks in the forest photographing trees, flowers, snowy landscapes, lakes, reflection in the lakes, water in the stream. 

Sometimes I also take portraits, which is fun, and I want to do it more. 

Animals are also one of my favorit photo activities. Both dogs and cats. 

And also snapshats with familymembers, and things we do together is photography that I like to do. 

To adapt the time in the best way.

Because time is short, I have to adapt my time as best I can to what I can reach. So, therefore, I take my camera with me everywhere, and consequently. And I am happy to be the all-about photographer I am. 

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