To range mood with streetphotography

Yesterday after work, I walked around a bit, taking street photography. The weather was sunny, and I wanted to capture people and the light. The pictures can be more expressive with sunlight shining on the subject.

To photograph on the streets is very exciting. I try to catch an emotion. Here I think I did it. I smile and get the feeling of happiness when I now look at the picture. I have edit it in Snapseed.

In this picture, I first saw the sunlight on the door of the building. Then, I waited on the other side of the road for a human to pass. First comes cars and sickles, but this young man came by with a flower bag after a time. He looked so happy, and I think I could also feel an emotion.
When I walked past a café, I saw this woman sitting outside in the sun, maybe she was waiting for someone. I have cropped the picture, and then the two people inside the windows also give a history to the scene.

It was so great to photograph on the street again, trying to make stories with the low sunlight shining on people and catching the feelings, emotions, and the mood in the streets.

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