The beautiful track in San Simeone

In San Simeone, you can find some beautiful pearls. Nature pearls. We walked one of these pearls. It goes from the beach along the sea, and around the headland. The headland had a rich flora, with big old trees, beautiful flowers and a lot of lizards. So, don´t be afraid of lizards if you go there. It was a beautiful day, and I recommend you to take the trip if you are going to stay a little bit in San Simeone.

View from the headland
Beautiful blue flowers
I do not know the name
Another one I don´t know the name of.
Trees along the path
A Lizard, I call him Bernhard, I don´t know why?
A stone, a waterfall and the ocean with all its waves, shining in the sunlight.
Another flower
Birds on the rock
Big trees you have to love.
More flowers
And a yellow one
Back on the beach
Eavning on the beach

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