San Fransisco, a city of contrasts

In 1968 Scott McKenzie wrote; If you’re going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going to San Francisco, You’re going to meet some gentle people there.

It´s a beautiful song about a beautiful town and a time when people were in motion for creativity and peace. Today 51 years later we still want peace, and we still want to be in motion, but the time has also changed, the 68-generation isn´t longer young. New times have come with new technology and a new way to behave. With this song in my ears, living in Norway on the other side of the world I thought I also now should meet a town like a town in the song, but I did not do that.

The tramline is very popular and is a great attraction.

Well, if you choose to close your eyes for homeless people, and not feel afraid when you are moving along the streets in the middle of the town, because you were so unlucky to book a hotel laying in the worst place of the city. Then you may think that San Fransisco is like the text in the song. My experience is that San Fransisco is a city of contrasts. If you walk from Market Street and up to the cathedral of grace, you will experience that the mood change. It is districts that are very beautiful. Where you can put flowers in your hair, and meet gentle people.

Flowers in Chinatown

In Chinatown the district is Chinese. All the stores. All the restaurants and people talk Chinese.

San Fransisco seen from the pir in Fisherman area.

Go to the Fisherman area, and you will meet the best, the tourists. The landscape, the sea, the port into San Fransisco. Yes, it is beautiful. San Fransisco with beautiful green parks, trees, and flowers, children, parents, queer, lesbian, guy. All together. That is beautiful.

The Castro area.

Especially Castro area is like this. The rainbow flags waving in the wind. Castro is unique, and it is a lovely place to explore.
With homeless and not homeless side by side, an open mind, a gentle smile, and flowers in our hair, San Fransisco is perfect one place to visit.

Homeless people helping each other.
I did not see any homeless in the big cathedral of Grace the first easter day. Is nobody inviting them? Jesus also died and stood up for the homeless. Maybe Jesus is on the streets?

Under is a gallery from our trips in the city. Enjoy.

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  1. I’ve never been to the USA, but I feel that you’ve given me a good look around San Francisco here. I suspect there’s always going to be a gap between the image and the reality with cities – especially when it comes to travel!

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