The Iowa farm

In Iowa, we were so lucky to be invited to visit a farm. It was a significant experience. We drove to a farm near Reinbeck, and they had over 300 cattle. Black and white cows. They also cultivated corn and soybeans. It was vast areas of acres around the farm.

Janet in front of the tractor she drove in younger days. She was retired now but had been a farmer and a teacher her whole life.
Janet’s husband, he had grown up on the farm. And he loved his farm and the cattle.
Janet´s and her husband’s son was now the farmer. Here they are standing in front of the big machine they use on the cultivating.
The cows fed.
Who are you?
One of the new born cows.

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  1. Great pictures! I know this family…they are the best! I am a farming neighbor to the west, just 9 miles.

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