USA 2019 planning the trip

We are going to visit my daughters host family in Iowa. Grand Canyon in Arizona, Las Vegas in Nevada, Los Angeles and San Fransisco in California. It will be a lot of travelling pictures.


This year we have decided to visit the USA. The biggest reason for going to the USA is my daughter who has been an exchange year student living in a host family in Iowa. The host family is such lovely people, that we all feel we have a new family in the USA. Now my wife and I are looking forward to visiting our new family and friends. So we are going to live some days in Iowa, and then we fly to Las Vegas to visit the Grand Canyon. It has always been a dream for me to be there, but I had never thought I should go there. arizona-location-on-the-us-mapNow we have our chance to do it. So when we have stayed in the Grand Canyon district some days we will go back to Las Vegas for one night, then we go to Los Angeles, rent a car and drive by the sea to San Fransisco. In San Fransisco, we will stay some nights before we fly home to Norway.



Photographic equipment

So, what do I have with me of photographic equipment?
It´s a mere to know what is the best, but my experience is that my Nikon D7100, with Nikkor 18-200mm always is a useful tool for good pictures. IMG_1901It is a must. But this time I will have it in my suitcase when we drive, and I will use my new equipment Olympus PEN F which I have used from August 2018. IMG_1904Most I have used 17mm fixed lens, but now I also want to use the Lumix 14-140mm lens. I think I will use both cameras for landscape dependent on the weather conditions, and the light. For Nikon, I also have graduated filter with me. If the conditions are light sky and dark foreground, it perhaps will help me to smooth out the unevenness of the lighting conditions. And my iPhone is always in my pocket, and it is a handy tool. So, in reality, I have three cameras with me, and my wife has one.

For the weather conditions, we have warm clothes, because the temperature in Iowa is nearly like the temperature in Norway. But in Arizona, Nevada, and California I think the heat in April is like a Norwegian summer. So summer clothes are also necessary.

I am so excited to go on this trip.

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