Finally the sun was here!

Today I went for a walk with my two dogs and my camera, looking for light and beautiful landscape motives. The last days the sun has been disappeared behind a big grey cloud, but today the sun shines on the landscape around me. I left my work looking forward to walking, looking for beautiful photographic moments. And Yes, I think I got something beautiful at my memory card. Here are some of the pictures.

Spring is coming. Lake called Lyseren in Østfold Norway.
My dog try to walk on the ice. And she maked it.
Early spring.
Black and white with a blue layer. I liked the shadows across the path.
Beautiful light in a dense forest.
We call it “Gåsunger” in Norway, I don´t know the english word for it. A sign in the spring.
Our two dogs Fanny and Mille.
Landskape by the lake.
The sunset was beautiful.
A man fishing on the ice. In the sunset.


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  1. What a beautiful area you live in! I love the photo with the shadows across the path – the blue gives it a very mysterious feel.

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