Beautiful Tanum


Tanum is a beautiful place near by the ocean in Sweden. The coastline from southern Sweden to Oslo the capital of Norway is a coherent coastline with a beautiful nature and wildlife. Every easter we use to spend a few days at Tanum. To meet the spring near by the ocean, hear birds singing, smell the taste of sea. We have the beaches ourselves. It is not so many people visiting this area Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before easter. This days we can just listen to the waves, the birds, the wind. And our eyes can rest on something beautiful. We can walk several ours looking for shells and other beautiful little things. To walk like this by the sea is meditative. I feel my soul rest. It is like every “have to do”- things is far away. Stress is far away. It is the best occasion for me, walking on this beaches, looking for shells and other little things, hear the birds singing.

The video is a a meditative journey with pictures from Tanum strand and the music is Alfred Brendel, Mozart Piano conserto nr. 23 Andante. Welcome to enjoy!


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