One of this light, late, summer evenings

It was one of this light late summer evenings, we went out looking for wildlife. We met first a Deer, in a river we met a Bever, and when we turned to go home, we met a big Moose.

Suddenly it stood there in front of us.

The Deer looked at us

The Bever didn’t know we were looking at it. But suddenly it knew, it made a big splash into the water and disappeared.

Don’t stress, relax and automatic settings

Today I relaxed when I walked. I didn´t know what pictures I would shot, and what kind of pictures I would have when I got home. Maybe it helps to not think and just be relaxed, because today I got three portraits, and it was just smiling faces. Nobody got angry with me and asked what I was doing.

I think it is smart to have automatic settings on my camera when I do streetphotography. So today, I used the “P”. Then the shutter and f-stop do the work, and I do not need to think about it. Here is the result of the days photowalk:IMG_2843IMG_2839IMG_2841

You never know what will happen

I have wondered if I shell have this blog in English or Norwegian language, but now I have decided to go for English language. It is two reasons, one I have to exercise in the English language and second I can reach more people.

Today I went out in the lunch. I have went out in the lunch every day the last week, for I also have to exercise in streetphotography. It is exciting that I never know what will happen. Today I thought nothing happened, no good pictures, but the last shot…. Oh, I felt surprised. I was to lock my camera when this man suddenly was in front of me. It went so fast, the one moment, but I made it. I have not cropped it, but I have changed it to black and white.IMG_2814

To find your style

There are so many pictures out there, in the world, at Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, in photo clubs, everywhere. Maybe you wonder how to express your voice. You look at a picture someone else have taken and found it amazing. What did this photographer do? You ask yourself “Why are not my pictures in the same mood?” You want to go out and do the same, have the same feeling as the photographs gave you, but you are not the photographer that took the picture you liked. You are yourself. You shoot the shot you do. You have to do your own pictures, not try to do the same as another photographer do. You can admire another photographer, of course, but you can´t copy her images. Because she looks at the environment different from you. You have to find your own way to do a picture. You have to find your voice.

The picture of the day from my photowalk in Oslo. I choose to keep the colors because I like the repeated colors in the photo.


Workers in Oslo Bjørvika.

It wasn´t my lucky day

Yesterday I was as usual on my lunch out to “hit the street”. It was a grey day in July. It was blowing and it was a little bit cold. I wanted more street portraits, but my luck seemed to be gone. I thought that I could take portraits of young women beggars, so I tried to do. First I met a girl and gave her 10kr, asked her if I could get a picture of her, but she refused. She asked me for 10kr. more, I gave her one 10 kr., and I thought I could take the picture. Then she said “No, no”, 50kr. I said “No I haven´t 50kr.” Then she said “No picture” raised her hands in front of her face, turned around and walked. I felt fooled. I tried another woman beggar, but the same happened. I really felt fooled. Well I get a portrait shot of two happy girls singing songs. The rest of my pictures I took from my hip. I went candid as the photographic language say.


Start with streetportraits

Today I took my first street portrait, it was exciting and I felt nervous. I saw a man, a beggar, coming near me with a cup and wanted money. I thought; now I have the opportunity to make a portrait. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get a picture of him. He said “No, no, more money”, I gave him the one money I had in my pocket and it was 20kr. Then he smiled, yelled at his wife, and I got my pictures of two lucky beggars that smiled to me. He looked very happy. 30kr. Is a great deal for a picture or two. I thought it was too much, but I smiled to him and his wife and said, “Thank you very much”. My heart was hammering in my breast, but I thought that I had gone one-step further.


After this meeting, I went into a kiosk and changed 100kr, into 10kr coins. After a while, I met another beggar, he was sitting on the sidewalk. I gave him 10kr, and asked if I could get some pictures of him. He said one more, I gave him 10kr more, and he stand up smiled to me and I got three pictures before he cut me off, but he cut me off on a polite manner took my hand and said “Thank you”, and I said “Thank you, very much”. I thought I had been very lucky today. And now I can move on with my street portraits.